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Travel to the Pearl of Africa

Conservation Uganda

It is vital and a key element in Uganda to conserve the Environment for support of Tourism. With that we work hand in hand with the community to encourage people to conserve the Environment for betterment of their development and Tourism purposes. You can also be part of this initiative by supporting the conservation cause, plant a tree when you visit Uganda, something which will be remembered by many and many will learn from you.

Responsible Tours


Be a volunteer in Uganda, in Association with Help Others Smile Organization, you can help and spread a smile to a needy hand. There is someone in much more need of your hand by choosing one of our projects, you are able to help someone sustain their livelihood.

Leisure Travel


Let your stress be carried away by relaxing at the shores of Lake Victoria from one of our Islands. We have relaxation tours to suit your taste. Is it for honeymoon, Stress buster, solitude we have you covered on this one. Simply connect with us for great relaxation offers.

Birding Uganda


Uganda has a variety of bird species to watch out for, with 10% of the World’s bird species, you do not want to miss finding a unique bird in Uganda. You can choose from our birding trips to Uganda and have a chance to learn more and a story to tell.

Popular Tours


You can Choose from one of our popular travels in Uganda. We have a pool of Safaris to choose from, some of these have been chosen by our clients, some have been customized by our clients. We make sure we recommend something you will enjoy.

Day Tours


Are you a volunteer and you are looking for a 1 day trip, or your budget is low, we have this planned for you, you can choose from our Excursion trips and enjoy it before you leave Uganda. We got you covered on this one, choose from the different trips.

Tailor Made Travel


Plan your own Travel. Tell us what you want, how much you have, where to sleep and we can guide you on your travel interests. Let your customized trip be added to our trips we sell to clients because there is something new we learn from our clients every day.


Our Awesome Partners


“It is the Pearl of Africa” Churchill Winston. It is a home of the Big things, the Big Mountain Gorilla, Big Lake Victoria, Big Mountain Rwenzori, Big Wildlife and Hospitable people. Miss coming to Uganda the show case of what Travel Africa is on your own.

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