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Volunteer in Uganda

Be part of the volunteer programme

You can be part of our Voluntarily projects which are scheduled each year on different Month basis. These are done in 3 Months (June, April, February) you can choose 1 of these months, to come to Uganda and Volunteer with Help Others Smile Organization along side Bossup safaris Uganda, there is something new the community can learn from you when you volunteer.


On top of our Volunteer programs, we have a FREE 3 day Trip to Murchison Falls National Park. Once you volunteer with us, you are entitled to this Trip (fully catered for by us) Let us spread a smile to someone who is in most need of our help.


“It is the Pearl of Africa” Churchill Winston. It is a home of the Big things, the Big Mountain Gorilla, Big Lake Victoria, Big Mountain Rwenzori, Big Wildlife and Hospitable people. Miss coming to Uganda the show case of what Travel Africa is on your own.

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